Come on In...Sit Back...Relax...

The casual passerby may only see a group of women having their nails done, exchanging pleasantries to pass the time. But those on the inside see a sanctuary ā€” where silence is as welcome as conversation, where tears flow as freely as smiles, where tragedies and triumphs bind new friendships. Those that linger find a special place where they can be themselves. A place where people heal hands ā€” and hearts.

Mari Foret (1999)

What is your nail fantasy?

Fanatically French? Neat and natural? Long and lustrous? Or dramatically designed? I am here to relax, nurture and rejuvenate your body and soul. With ten plus years of experience, I use only professional products that I retail so you can keep your skin and nails maintained between appointments. Sit back & relax as you have your nails neatly manicured while you overlook beautiful Rice Lake. Visit my private nail spa. When you visit Nail ā€œUā€ my attention to detail and sanitation will guarantee a professional and enjoyable experience.

Karen Snobl